The Myth Lab

Those who want to see and hear more can go down into the Myth Lab, the museum’s multi-media room, and immerse themselves in the infinite world of myths, fairy tales and sagas. A potpourri of numerous digital videos and short documentaries ranging from A for Amazons via F for fantasy and R for role-play games to Z for zombies invites the visitor to linger, relax and be amazed.

The computer game “WORMS ANNO DOMINI 1298”, developed especially for the Nibelungen Museum, takes young and old adventurers on a quest to find a virtual treasure. Disguised as ladies of the castle or as knights, they explore the medieval city of Worms, from the haunts of the fishermen on the banks of the Rhine to the city wall and the market square and then on to the cathedral and the bishop’s palace.

The Myth Lab also gives barrier-free access to all the parts of the Song of the Nibelungs Tour. For this purpose, the sceptre with its illustrations (the “Rütelin”) that can be seen in the Tower of Visions is presented here in a 3-D animation.

Town guides and teachers can make use of the master terminal and a data projector in this multi-purpose room in order to present their own topics and/or access the museum’s own visual and audio material.

Myth Lab (photo: S. Blume)

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