The Nibelungen Museum in Worms

The Nibelungen Museum is not a museum of the traditional kind that collects and displays exhibits. Its concept is based on modern media, and the museum belongs to a long tradition in the interpretation of the Nibelung legend. It is itself an example of a “Nibelung creation”, and it provides information on the centuries-old legend, interprets this legend and, with its futuristic architecture, fascinates and inspires its visitors.

The Nibelungen Museum is housed in two magnificent towers on the city wall, which dates back to medieval days of the Staufer dynasty. Equipped with a multimedia guide, visitors make their way round the museum as if they were in a walk-in audio book. In the 12th century Worms was politically powerful, and its defensive wall encircled the city. This city wall may well have been the place where the unknown poet wrote down the 39 aventiuren (sections or chapters) of the Song of the Nibelungs around the year 1200.

Siegfried’s arrival in Worms and the dispute between the two queens in front of the cathedral are two of the many scenes that are set in or near Worms. And we must not forget Hagen’s sinking of the famous Nibelung treasure in the Rhine. Many of the figures and events described in the Song of the Nibelungs are historically documented. And just as fact and fiction melt into each other in the epic poem, so legend and reality undergo a fascinating synthesis in the Nibelungen Museum.

Tower of Visionthe Audio Towerthe Myth Labthe battlement walkwayImage Map

The Nibelungen Museum in the medieval city wall with the Tower of Vision (1), the Audio Tower (2), the Myth Lab (3) and the battlement walkway (4)


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City of Worms
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